Pores. They seem to be the bane of my skin existence. Tiny little dips splattered all around the center of my face that just refuse to leave the party. What's worse is that when they're not my own pores I'm noticing, they're my boyfriend's, taunting me as I sit across from him unable to focus on the new fiend he's come across in Monster Hunter as all I see are tiny little blackheads flecked across his nose! It's a living nightmare, I assure you. Now while I can't get rid of them completely, I have thankfully come across a few little tricks to minimise their appearance so that I can finally focus on his words. So for all those out there facing the daily struggle of porelimination, this one's for you!


If you're as much a fan of a little sit down ritual as much as I am, then these are for you. What you need to look for are ingredients such as salicylic acid & kaolin as these are responsible for the cleansing & extraction of dirt within the pore wall. I like to alternate between a clay mask when I want to detoxify & brighten my skin after a week in London smog, and nasal strips for when I want a quick fix before bed. One of my favourite clay masks is the GlamGlow SuperMud, which combines both AHAs, BHAS & kaolin to extract blackheads from the pore, eliminate excess oil & improve circulation in the skin, leaving a brighter surface & tighter pores. The GlamGlow range was originally developed for makeup artists to use behind the scenes for quick prep before actors went on screen, so you can expect effective results in next to no time. I like to leave mine on for 20-30min, but if you're in a rush then you can do 5-10min for a more radiant & soft skin finish. If you find that you're congested through the t-zone but dry along your perimeter, feel free to custom-mask & use a hydrating product on your drier regions.  


When it comes to post cleansing, I find toners are a great option to quickly reduce oils on the skin surface & help minimise the appearance of pores. A great on the go option is the Oil Eliminator Toner by Keihl's which comes in a handy little spray bottle so you can keep it in your bag & spritz when needed. For those who are looking for actual pore reduction, I suggest Perricone's Intensive Pore Minimizer which combines DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid & Salicylic Acid to effectively cleanse the pore whilst both strengthening the pore wall & exfoliating the skin surface. Just pour a small amount onto a cotton pad & away you go.


When all else fails thankfully there are methods of refinement. I'm talking about fillers. Those wonderful little beauty products you can keep in your makeup bag for when you need to look #flawless. These filling products come in many different forms such as primers, touch up wands or skin serums, & are primarily loaded with silicones which fill the pore in order to provide a more even surface to the skin. My personal favourite is Lady Berry by Wei Skincare, as it perfectly primes skin by melting into enlarged pores & fine lines without balling up, leaving skin with a beautiful matte finish. My personal tip is to try using it as a primer around the edges of the lip as it is the best item for prepping lips so that your lipstick will never bleed! As an avid Icon wearer, I cannot & will not live without it!

You're welcome. 


What are your porelimination tips?