How To : Wear Red Lipstick Down The Aisle.

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Nothing says classic & sophisticated quite like a red lip...but just how do you wear such a colour on your wedding day? My top tips are just below. 

1. If you've never worn red lipstick before - try it before the wedding! As lipstick is so personal, I would advise trying it on in day to day life before thinking of wearing it down the aisle. If you are not happy wearing it on Tuesday in the office, it may be the same when wearing the big white dress. 

2. Lip prep is key! There is nothing worse than getting those beautiful closeups back from your photographer only to realise your lips were dry & chapped beneath that expensive Rouge Louboutin! Before the makeup ritual begins, have your makeup artist do a little sugar lip scrub with a soft toothbrush to remove any flaking skin & follow with a lip conditioner such as Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream. I swear you'll thank her for it!

3. Unless you have it tattooed on, chances are you will require a touchup or two. Matte textures do last longer, but they aren't for every bride. Once you have found the one, make sure you have it with you on the day. If you have been advised which shade to wear by your makeup artist during the wedding trial, ask her to pick it up for you as part of your touch up kit. A matching liner isn't always necessary, but if you are one to feather then opt for either an edge tamer such as Laura Mercier's Lip Liner in Clearor a liner of similar colour. For the ultimate finish, I recommend Wei's Lady Berry around the edge of the lip line to keep even the most glossy lipsticks in place.

4. To keep makeup modern, try mixing textures when it comes to choosing your lipstick & your base. For example, If you love dewy, glowing skin, then a matte lipstick such as the Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Icon is a nice subtle contrast in texture which brings the look together. The staying power of this lipstick is another added bonus!