Pre Wedding Countdown

With only a few weeks to go until you can say goodbye to being a fiancee & officially becoming Mrs. X, here are my top tips on how to ensure your body is ready for the aisle. 

Makeup by Quelle Bester. Photography by  Gabor Szantai

Makeup by Quelle Bester. Photography by Gabor Szantai

Smooth as silk - If thinking of ridding yourself of unwanted facial hair (brows, lips etc), book your appointment a week & a half before the day. This allows skin to settle as often hair removal can take away the surface layer, which can give makeup an uneven appearance if done a few days before. It also lessens the chance of ingrown breakouts. 
Tip: Tweezing or threading will lessen the chance of skin irritations.

Facials - If you are already someone who books a weekly facial, then stick with it. However if this is a treat for you so you can zen out before the day, I would suggest booking it a week & a half before the day. While relaxing, professional facials are designed to rid skin of dead skin cells & plump the skin with hydration, & this can result in a post-facial breakout. For best results, book in advance!
Tip: Celebrity facialist Kate Somerville is known for her hydrating facials during red carpet season, which instantly plump skin with glowing moisture & minimises fine lines. For similar at-home results, try her DermalQuench serum. 

Available at  Cult Beauty .

Available at Cult Beauty.

Undergarments - Never underestimate the power of Spanx! Even the most slender woman on the red carpet has been known to request a little extra help from their stylists when wearing unforgiving fabrics such as silk or satin, so if your dress picks up on a few little areas which you would like to appear seamless, have a think about grabbing a set for the day. No one needs to know but you.

Nails - Some women overlook the importance of a freshly manicured hand, however, when having photos taken of the ring both you & your hubby have chosen to mark the biggest day of your romantic lives, why wouldn’t you want your hands to look as spectacular as the stone which adorns you? There are many options to choose from - french mani, nude nails, dramatic reds or modern minimalist designs - but whichever you choose, I would suggest having a gel top coat to seal the manicure & avoid any unwanted chips before you have the chance to say “I Do”.

Manicure by  DryBy London

Manicure by DryBy London