Start with the basics.

Start with the basics.

Being a makeup artist, I know a few tips & tricks to give the illusion of eight hours sleep & #justwokeuplikethis beauty, however my overall belief is that makeup always looks best on a perfect canvas. So in order to keep things simple, let's start with the basics.

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Video Flashbacks


While trolling through folders of old projects & images, I recently stumbled across the video for Miami Horror's 'Echoplex' I worked on with my mentor Rachel Montgomery about five years ago which I had all but forgot about. The clip was to have a home video feel behind it, very laid back which meant that makeup was very much about fresh faced youth and hair had a very undone, loose appeal about it with a small amount of texture & minimal volume.
Nails were kept in summer pop tones, such as a Pillarbox red, an acid blue & a turquoise.

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Introducing... me!

Hey everyone!

So I've decided to write a blog. The act itself has come about after recently working on a press day & socialising amongst a plethora of beauty editors. What I found that day was that while these women worked in a field whereby they give advice to the nation regarding what product to use for what, a good few had no idea. Yes, that's correct. Some of these women had no idea how to curl their own hair & yet are out there advising us to use this serum to achieve this result. SCANDALOUS
After years of assisting top artists, working within cosmetic retail environments & of course using products myself for both work & play, I feel it's time to have my say. I'm quite the product junky, so naturally I know what works & what doesn't. So I guess I'll use this as a little go to guide for all of you out there who may be a little confused when it comes to the cosmetic jungle we have found ourselves lost amongst.

Feel free to use the contact section if you have any questions you'd like answered. I'm happy to trial things on your behalf before you commit to anything, & if there are any particular looks you'd like me to demo, send through a reference!

Now that the introductions are done, let's get onto the fun stuff! ^_^